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Special Session

ISKE2021 Special Session on Advanced Rule-Based Systems for Explainable Artificial Intelligence

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The 2021 International Conference on Intelligent Systems and Knowledge Engineering (ISKE 2021) is the 16th in a series of ISKE conferences. The conference will be held on Nov. 26-28 in Chengdu (China).

Scope and Motivation

Providing advanced rule-based systems combined with knowledge extraction is a general trend in artificial intelligence (AI) and has attracted a lot of researches due to the increasing attention in explainability of AI systems in order to support decision-makers in judging the quality of assessment. This is because rule-based systems represent knowledge in terms of rules that tell decision-makers what they should do. Compared to “black box” approaches, rule-based systems foster the understanding of the underlying problem and the reasons behind decisions. Owing to rule-based systems, the application of AI has more abilities in explainability and effectiveness, and it also provides a flexibility to ensure that AI-related decision support systems are not merely accurate, but transparent and explainable. Now that making a black-box scheme into a white box is rather challenging, starting from rule-based system (already a white-box system), then try to enhance significantly their performance in terms of accuracy and efficiency without loss of transparency, interpretation and explainability is alternative route in term of Explainable Artificial Intelligence.

The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Theoretical advances of rule-based systems
  • Optimization approaches for the parameters, structure, or both of rule-based systems
  • Multi-objective optimization approaches in the terms of accuracy and interpretability
  • Rule-based systems with data-driven, knowledge-driven, or integrated modeling
  • Transparency, explainability and interpretability of rule-based systems
  • Rule-based systems with fuzzy logic
  • Rule-based systems with probabilistic inference and evidential reasoning
  • Rule-based systems with machine learning
  • Rule-based system with ANN and deep learning
  • Rule-based system with case-based reasoning
  • Rule-based system in logic programming and inductive learning
  • Rule-based systems in big data applications
  • Rule-based system in small data application
  • Applications of rule-based systems in all sectors

Important Dates

July 31, 2021 August 15, 2021

Full paper submission

August 31, 2021 September 15, 2021

Acceptance notification

September 30, 2021

Camera-ready paper submission

Paper Submission

The authors are required to submit their papers to a Special Session following the steps below:

Submission by IEEE ISKE 2021 EasyChair Account selecting the name or the number of the Special Session.

Session Chairs

Long-Hao Yang, Jesus Jaime Solano Noriega, Fei-Fei Ye, Jun Liu

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  • Long-Hao Yang
  • Email:
  • Address: Decision Sciences Institute, Fuzhou University, China

  • Jesus Jaime Solano Noriega
  • Address:Management and Economic Sciences Department, Autonomous University of Occident, Culiacan, Mexico.

  • Fei-Fei Ye
  • Email:
  • Address: Decision Sciences Institute, Fuzhou University, China

  • Jun Liu
  • Email:
  • Address: School of Computing, Ulster University, Northern Ireland, UK